PERSONAL PROJECT: The Feeling of Fragrance

Artist statement

Scent is the sense most intimately tied to memory, and when we breathe in a familiar scent, it can evoke powerful ties to our past, instil a sense of calm in the present, and stir excitement and hope for our futures. I decided to create this series of portraits as a tribute to my favourite fragrances and the memories that accompany them. In many cases, I returned to the actual place where a distinct scent formed a cherished memory. 

The "Mint" portrait, for example, was shot in the back creek on my relatives' property where wild mint grows in the water. My cousins and I used to pull on our rubber boots and trek through the creek, and I'd pick the mint as I walked upstream. For this reason, two of those cousins donned their rubber boots and walked that very creek for the portrait. 

This collection of images represents some of my favourite scents and depicts both specific memories and the elevated sensations and momentary fantasies that fragrance can conjure. It is a salute to some of my life's most treasured moments and an expression of the gratitude I feel to have returned home.